• Eco-Friendly Home Checklists

    Creating an Eco-Friendly Home Creating an eco-friendly home and lifestyle seems overwhelming when you're bombarded with all of the things you should do to be better at it. No doubt, there are a lot of changes that you can make. Realistically, you ...

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    Eco-Friendly Home Checklists
  • Thrift Store Gift Ideas for Christmas

    I absolutely love thrifting, which y'all probably know about me by now. So, it's only natural that I thrift the items that I gift! Nearly every thrift store I've visited has yielded some amazing gems. There are things that that you wouldn't think of ...

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    Thrift Store Gift Ideas for Christmas
  • Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

    What in the heck are you supposed to get your "green" friends for the holidays or on special occasions when they keep telling you that just about everything is wasteful? Can you find an item that will make them happy, but also meet their expectations ...

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    Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas