Thrift It! Clique Style King – Lawrence Jackson

TI!C Feature - Lawrence

Our first Thrift It! Clique King feature is Lawrence Jackson, and his instagram is so amazingly curated – it is how I found him.  Not only is he an expert in styling vintage and thrifted pieces, he is a photographer with a unique eye for capturing people’s personalities through their fashion and personal style.  You can experience Lawrence’s vintage world on instagram @thevintographer.  If you don’t do anything else today, I strongly encourage you to go straight to his instagram, like right now.  You won’t regret it. Read More →

Winter Pool Party at Farmers Branch Aquatic Center

FBH20 - Winter Pool Party at the Farmers Branch Aquatic Center via Old World New

I’m a December baby, which after about the age of 10 has been quite frustrating.  Between being sick, snow and inclement weather (I was raised in the bone chilling hills of Northwest Arkansas), Christmas being 2 weeks after my birthday (“Happy Birthday/Christmas, Addie!”), and me loathing the cold – celebrating my birthday is always interesting.  I make a big deal about it and go all out with a large group outing to a restaurant, but I’ve yet to have a warm weather style birthday celebration (for obvious reasons). Read More →

The BEST Holiday Gift Guide!!! – 10 Ethical Items from Paisley + Sparrow for HER

Paisley + Sparrow Ethical Gift Guide (1)Christmas is right around the corner, and yes, I’m getting an early start to inform you all of the best gifts you can give and get this year!  What is the BEST type of gift?  One that gives back, whether that is to the earth, to your community, or to the world.  Paisley + Sparrow, by Jen Biswas, is a brand that gives back with nearly every item it sells.  Many of the items are created from recycled materials by women in impoverished countries.  They are making a living and supporting their families by creating these beautiful, well-crafted beauties.  These charming gift ideas are great to treat yo’self or someone you love during any time of the year, and especially now during the season of giving.  Give some of these Paisley + Sparrow designs to the ones you love, and give back to the ones who need it the most.  Merry holidays, y’all! Read More →