Cultural Appreciation: Modern African Fashion by Alero Jasmine

Modern African Style by Alero Jasmine via Old World New: Cultural Appreciation Style Series

Welcome to the Old World New presents: “Cultural Appreciation, Not Appropriation” Series, Installment 4!   (See Installment 1 here2 here, 3 here)

Diversity is the spice of life.  I love pulling influence from different cultures.  The easy access to knowledge of different peoples’ heritages has helped shaped me to be who I am today.   Therefore, I practice love, not hate.  At Old World New, we practice cultural appreciation, not cultural appropriation. Learn about and have respect for the cultures that you seek to emulate – you’ll be happy that you opened your mind to “a whole new world” (I hope you sang that in your Jasmine & Aladdin voice, because I did!).

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3 Networking Tips + MOO Green Business Cards

Old World New - Networking + MOO Business cards

One of my favorite things to do to spread the word about my blog and brand now is networking.  I love getting out and explaining, face-to-face, the passion behind what I love to do.  It creates a lasting impression and forms real relationships with people you may have never met had it not been for a chance meeting or networking event.  My go-to networking material is my business card.  I’m on my second design for my business card, and I can say that I love this one most of all!  It was made with‘s builder and it made my life less hectic.   Read More →

DIY Halloween Nails by Wonder Wishy Nail Art

DIY Halloween Nail Art via Old World New by Wonder Wishy Nail Art

The Halloween spirit is still in full swing here at Old World New, and for the occasion we have a guest post today by Mehwish of Wonder Wishy Nail Art bringing you a simple DIY Halloween nail art tutorial.  I say simple because I was able to recreate it, and that’s something special. haha!  So let’s get to it!  Mehwish, take it away! Read More →