The Coppersmith Inn Bed & Breakfast

Coppersmith Inn Galveston TX

I had the pleasure of staying at The Coppersmith Inn bed and breakfast last October.  It was my first time to stay in one – can you say excited?!  I previously wrote about it in my 4 Reasons to Choose a Bed & Breakfast post, but I want to share more intimate details of my experience with you all.  I am a historic architecture fanatic, so I soaked it all in and took plenty of pictures.  Instead of typing a lot, check out the video footage from within and around the Inn, and the photos that show it in all its glory!

coppersmith inn 2 coppersmith inn 4 coppersmith inn 5 coppersmith inn 3 coppersmith inn 1 beautiful vintage chair coppersmith innthe coppersmith inn dining room 2
the coppersmith inn stove rachel ray
antique vintage piano coppersmith inn Banister stairwell coppersmith inn victoria's room 2 coppersmith inn 10 coppersmith inn victoria's room porch the coppersmith inn victori'as room porch coppersmith inn 12 coppersmith inn 14 coppersmith inn 11 coppersmith inn 13 coppersmith inn 8 coppersmith inn 6 coppersmith inn 7 Coppersmith in 9 coppersmith inn 15 coppersmith inn 16


Disclosure: I received a free stay at The Coppersmith Inn in exchange for writing a review, but all opinions are my own.

The sign said “Visit Arkansas”

I jump on 183, zoom away – pass a few exits, jump on another highway with another random number… keep going, take a big number exit with some letters in it.  This has been my confusion in DFW since I’ve moved here.  So much urban sprawl, so many numbered concrete roadways that float in the air and hop back down to the ground level, then you just sit there, because apparently everyone else decided to get on that particular roadway today, too.

Then one day I took the usual roadways, and the usual exit, and saw an unusual sign.  “Visit Arkansas.”  Y’know, the Natural State.  The sign is electronic and it plays a video of a beautiful waterfall like ones I’ve seen before, and scenes that you can only experience on the Buffalo River.


The sign made me remember these photos I took in May 2014 as I traveled the highway from Hot Spring, Arkansas to Nashville, Arkansas.  Yea, its on a numbered road, but its surrounded by trees.  On these roads you gotta be careful for those deer, they don’t care about your car and they don’t understand the danger you pose to each other – so you watch the roads and the woods, and flash your bright lights in case they get any silly road-crossing ideas.  On these roads you gotta know how to drive through a curve, because the roads they wind and dip and rise around the hilly landscape.  Not quite tall enough to be mountains, but definitely not flat land.

Its Sunday morning, and I have the road to myself as the sun starts to shine through the trees.  I pull over and take it all in.  I drive a big machine, I’m on a paved road – but my heart tells me it is just me, God, and nature.  We’re here all alone together.  It feels amazing.  #NoFilter necessary.

Arkansas 2 Arkansas 1 Arkansas 3

Read more about why I love Arkansas, and reasons you should visit, too:

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Art Deco in Arkansas 

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Beginner’s Garden Update {1}: Repotting Growing Plants

If y’all don’t recall, I started a mini-garden a few weeks back.  I purchased some sustainably sourced plants and transported them into tea cups because, cute. Read More →

Spring Florals: Thrifted 90’s Mini Dress

Spring Florals: Thrifted Mini Dress via <>
Photos speak louder than words, so I’ll {mostly} let the images communicate how this is thrifting at it’s finest.  I found this sweet little dress that looks like a romper for less than $10 at a DFW area thrift store.  I’ve worn it both semi-forally and just as a fun, spring day outfit.  I’ve worn it with heels and with tennis shoes.  It is so much fun to style.  It reminds me of the song “Girls just want to have fun!”  I can’t wait to see how many more ways I can style it this summer! =)

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Dallas Heritage Village – “History With A Twist”

History with a Twist

Last week I was given tickets to the History With A Twist event at Dallas Heritage Village, and everything about made me excited from the very first moment I knew about it… Read More →

It’s a Fashion Revolution #WhoMadeMyClothes

#WhoMadeMyClothes?addie 2

The fashion revolution is a movement to help you become conscious about the conditions in which folks create your clothes, and to provide them with fair wages so that they can live a good life.  I also like to throw in my thrifting and sustainable finds.  Why not just be good all the way around?  I chose this ensemble to share for the fashion revolution because I do know where half of it was made, and the other half was thrifted.  It is still beautiful and affordable.

On April 24, 2015 – Fashion Revolution Day (see the instagram @fash_rev and #fashrev), we are asking all companies, “Who made my clothes?”  Who makes your clothes at Zara, Wal Mart, Target (mmmhmm, you Lily Lovers haha =), Forever 21, etc.?  Are they paid fair wages?  Post a picture of your clothes today and ask, #whomademyclothes  Read More →

5 Ways to “Buy Less. Choose Well. Make It Last.”


Buy less, choose well, make it last. This was a simple statement made by Vivienne Westwood – not in an effort to promote her fashion line, but to promote the agenda of the climate revolution.  It really is my philosophy, and for a similar reason. Read More →

DIY Carpet Freshener


Earth day is soon, so let’s start the week off right by honoring it with this DIY homemade carpet freshener.  All you need are these two ingredients:  Baking Soda and an Essential Oil (or blend of oils to create a fragrance of your choice).  I also purchased large sized glass jar with a perforated top from the Dollar Tree (like a parmesan or red pepper shaker – maybe you could repurpose one that you have sitting in your fridge?)

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DIY Thrifted Dresser Remodel


If you want an easy, cost-effective and creative way to create furniture that fits in with the style you want for your home, this post is just right for you.   Read More →

April 2015 Thrift Haul – Sun Dresses & More!

thrifted-sun-dress-summer-springOn my last minute neutral Easter dress quest, I found out that one of my local thrift stores would be having a 50% EVERYTHING IN THE STORE sale.  Yes, I yelled that.   Read More →