L’Eggs Tights: Not Your Granny’s Pantyhose

Disclaimer:  I received L’eggs products for free in exchange for writing a review, but all opinions are my own.


Back in the day, pantyhose were a necessity before I left the house for church on any non-summer Sunday.  It was just like the routine of having to grab your backpack before school – with them, you win.  Without them, you lose, and trouble shall surely follow.  So basically, I had to notify adults if I needed to get pantyhose before the store closed on Saturday.  Talk about learning responsibility!

Well, it is a new day!  I rarely wear pantyhose to church anymore (don’t tell my Granny), but when L’Eggs reached out to me to write a style post featuring their tights, I couldn’t resist.  It’s time to break some old fashion rules and make new rules for our generation!

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5 Step “Shrimp & Bacon Pasta” Recipe


Have you ever walked through the grocery store frustrated because you can’t figure out what you want to eat for dinner?  Well, I have – and thank goodness I have, because this recipe is the result of it!  I love shrimp, and I love pasta – Italian food is the best thing on earth, if you ask me.   Read More →

Thrifting: Stretching that $20 in your Pocket

Thrifting 20 dollars

For just $20, you to can be the owner of {insert thrift shop finds here}!

You know how the infomercials go.  But did you know that you can save money while thrifting?  Here are a few tips on how to keep your money wherever you actually like it.  If you said, “in my closet, where I can see it…”  You, my friend, win at life. Read More →

If Loving You Is Wrong… {Loving Day 2015}

Loving Day

Mildred & Richard Loving


Loving v. Virginia 1967 – the final ruling of this Supreme Court case made anti-miscegenation illegal (these were laws that enforced racial segregation in marriage and intimate relationships – basically making it illegal to marry outside of your own race).  By law, people of different racial backgrounds – most notably & controversially black and white – who were married and who wanted to get married, could legally do so in the states that had previously forbade it.  Each June 12, we in America commemorate this triumphant feat.  Happy Loving Day!  I didn’t even know it existed until last year when I watched the documentary on Netflix.  I highly recommend it. Read More →

Destination: Galveston – Texas’ Island

What to do, see, eat and explore while in Galveston, TX | oldworldnew.us

Texas has an island.  Apparently they don’t teach you that in Arkansas history classes.  I’m still amazed by it, and since I’ve visited twice, I must know everything there is to know about it, right?  Ok, maybe not.  I have, however, figured out some of the must-see places along with the help of the Galveston Island tourism department. Read More →

Rocksbox – Jewelry We Love (to borrow or buy)

Rocksbox Old World New

Have you heard of Rocksbox by now?  Surely you have.  They are a jewelry box service that allows you to borrow (for a monthly fee of $19/month) or buy curated jewelry sets or singular pieces. Read More →

May 2015 Thrift Haul – Dress Obsessed

May Thrift Haul-2

I made the mistake of thinking I could not possibly find more dresses to love (or more room for yet more dresses in my closet), but who am I to doubt the power of the thrift store gods?  My April Thrift Haul was full of sundresses.  All I can say now is get ready for more dresses of all styles!  7 dresses for less than $45!  Here goes everything. Read More →

The Coppersmith Inn Bed & Breakfast

Coppersmith Inn Galveston TX

I had the pleasure of staying at The Coppersmith Inn bed and breakfast last October.  It was my first time to stay in one – can you say excited?!  I previously wrote about it in my 4 Reasons to Choose a Bed & Breakfast post, but I want to share more intimate details of my experience with you all.  I am a historic architecture fanatic, so I soaked it all in and took plenty of pictures.  Instead of typing a lot, check out the video footage from within and around the Inn, and the photos that show it in all its glory! Read More →

The sign said “Visit Arkansas”

I jump on 183, zoom away – pass a few exits, jump on another highway with another random number… keep going, take a big number exit with some letters in it.  This has been my confusion in DFW since I’ve moved here.  So much urban sprawl, so many numbered concrete roadways that float in the air and hop back down to the ground level, then you just sit there, because apparently everyone else decided to get on that particular roadway today, too.

Then one day I took the usual roadways, and the usual exit, and saw an unusual sign.  “Visit Arkansas.”  Y’know, the Natural State.  The sign is electronic and it plays a video of a beautiful waterfall like ones I’ve seen before, and scenes that you can only experience on the Buffalo River.


The sign made me remember these photos I took in May 2014 as I traveled the highway from Hot Spring, Arkansas to Nashville, Arkansas.  Yea, its on a numbered road, but its surrounded by trees.  On these roads you gotta be careful for those deer, they don’t care about your car and they don’t understand the danger you pose to each other – so you watch the roads and the woods, and flash your bright lights in case they get any silly road-crossing ideas.  On these roads you gotta know how to drive through a curve, because the roads they wind and dip and rise around the hilly landscape.  Not quite tall enough to be mountains, but definitely not flat land.

Its Sunday morning, and I have the road to myself as the sun starts to shine through the trees.  I pull over and take it all in.  I drive a big machine, I’m on a paved road – but my heart tells me it is just me, God, and nature.  We’re here all alone together.  It feels amazing.  #NoFilter necessary.

Arkansas 2 Arkansas 1 Arkansas 3

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Beginner’s Garden Update {1}: Repotting Growing Plants

If y’all don’t recall, I started a mini-garden a few weeks back.  I purchased some sustainably sourced plants and transported them into tea cups because, cute. Read More →