Home for the Holidays

Home forthe Holidays

“I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams”

I don’t think I’ll get to go home for Christmas this year, but I’ll be having an extended hometown stay over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Going home is cathartic for me.  Small town living, family on every corner, food everywhere.   Read More →

DIY Faux Fringe Booties


diy fringe booties pntrst

I have this problem where I don’t like to throw my clothes away… I keep them because “maybe I’ll wear it another day?!”  Is that really a problem, though?  Naaah!  I also like to style my clothes in several different ways to achieve many looks from them.  Sometimes I even tweak pieces to get a new style from them.  That is exactly how these fringe booties came about.  I found these wedge heels for $10 while thrifting, and I wear them all too often once it gets cold outside.  The new look they have after the fringe spices things up a bit! Read More →

Insanely Easy 7UP Cake

Insanely Easy 7 up cake fcbk

A soda and a cake… this is every kid’s dream come true, right?  With the few amount of ingredients it takes to make this cake, it’s like a #ThrowbackThursday showing how Grannies were making “insanely easy” cakes before anyone ever thought about putting them on a blog. Read More →

4 Reasons to Choose a Bed & Breakfast | The Coppersmith Inn Recap

The Coppersmith Inn

I have always wanted to stay at a Bed & Breakfast because they fully embody old world charm to me.  It came as no surprise that my stay at The Coppersmith Inn was one of wonder and merriment, but I was still so excited!  After winning tickets to the #BlogElevated Conference (yaye twitter contests!) in Galveston, TX, I contacted Ellen, the innkeeper, and she was gracious in providing me a room for the time that I was there.  Arriving in Galveston alone was beautiful.  When I turned down M Street and finally saw The Coppersmith Inn in person, I was like “yaaaasss, historic architecture in all of its glory!  Let me take a picture!”  I obviously proceeded to gather beautiful portraits stage some photos for y’all.  This beauty is over 120 years old and still looks splendid.  The in-depth history can reviewed at the coppersmithinn.com.

the coppersmith inn 2

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Philosophy of Travel

fcbk phil of trvl

The Old World New Philosophy of Travel is rather simple –

Go all the places!  See all the things!

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Philosophy of Old World New

philosophy of old world new

old world new \ˈōld • ˈwər(-ə)ld • ˈnü \

: A respect for that which was, while embracing that which is. Read More →

Old World New | 11.11 | Blog Relaunch


oldworldnew 11.11

Growth is such a beautiful thing, and a new season is upon us, folks.  In two short weeks on November 11, 2014, Old World New Girl will have a new name, a new face, and a new attitude *I got a new attitude!*   Read More →

Plaid + Fur for Fall | Refashioned Thrift Shirt

faux fur

Thrifting is still a thing, y’all.  One of my thrifting rules is to step outside of your comfort zone by searching different departments for patterned fabrics and playing with the patterns to create an outfit of your own.  In my pattern search I have come across some crazy wicked shirts, but there was always a problem.  All of the shirts were not my size!  This plaid refashioned shirt is one of them, so I’ve got just the remedy for that. Read More →

Dreaming of a Forever Summer

summer forever

this cold weather has no chill; i am not amused

Cold weather has never been my friend.  Born on a cold (I don’t recall, but I’m sure it was) December day with bronchitis just chilling in my lungs, winter and I have been sworn enemies ever since.  So I’ll dream about a forever summer. Read More →

Blog Elevated Restored My Faith in Humanity

A blogging conference did this, y’all.  In a nation and world full of self-indulgence, this conference brought together a group of people that have amazing hearts and that are full of passion.  Yea, sure I learned about affiliate programs, how brands choose to work with bloggers and good lighting techniques for better photo and video qualities (and I’m excited about it, too).  More importantly, though, I learned about a community of people who care about each other and the impact that they make on every person that reads their blog.

As the saying goes, people remember most how you make them feel.  Blog Elevated made me feel like a rockstar, a humanitarian, an innovator.  It is like a million arms are extended to gracefully catch me as I take my plunge into the trust circle.  Bloggers are, by nature, givers.  We each are passionate about what we write about, so much so that we want to share it with all who will listen and gain from it.  I am honored to be part of a tribe like this.

Key Takeaway Topics

I Am A Rockstar

I have within me the power to rock/succeed at what I’m passionate about.  This was the message that I gathered from Dayna Steele, one of the Blog Elevated speakers.  She is the brains behind Your Daily Success Tip, and her resume will show you that she has been surrounded by the best of the best rockstars while she worked as a radio and tv personality.  She did not differentiate between each of us (that includes you) and the rockstars she knows.  A rockstar is someone doing what they want, when they want, how they want, and giving back by doing it.  We all have the power to become rockstars in our own style.  How are you a rockstar?

I don't think Dayna Steele has ever met a stranger.  How awesome is she? =)

I don’t think Dayna Steele has ever met a stranger. How awesome is she? =)

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