DIY Thrifted Dresser Remodel


If you want an easy, cost-effective and creative way to create furniture that fits in with the style you want for your home, this post is just right for you.   Read More →

April 2015 Thrift Haul – Sun Dresses & More!

On my last minute neutral Easter dress quest, I found out that one of my local thrift stores would be having a 50% EVERYTHING IN THE STORE sale.  Yes, I yelled that.  I found this out the night before the sale that would start at 7 a.m. the next morning, so I stuck around to try on and photograph the items that I would like.  Now, I’m not a morning person, but somehow I managed to arrive at 710 am.  I quickly found all of the items that I tried on the previous day and wanted to purchase.  I also found some goodies for one of my best friend’s bundle of joy.  Check out my finds – I can’t wait to wear them and share how I style them with y’all!

thrifted-sun-dress-summer-springthrift-haul-dressesthrifted-shoes-pursebaby-clothes-thrift-storemustard-yellow-sun-dress-thrift-shop-naked-zebranaked-zebra-mustard-yellow-halter-dressruffle-dress-thrift-storeasian-dress-thrift-storeThrifted-Easter-FindsMy thrifting game is leveling up, y’all, and I’m so excited about it.  Like I said before, I can’t wait to style these beauties for you.  Before the year is over, I’ll be able to show off my friend’s baby in his thrifted finds,  too.  Stay tuned, y’all!

xoxo dolls & dudes,



Thrifted Neutral Spring Style 2015

Thrifted Neutral Spring Style 2015

Neutral tones are part of the evolving Spring 2015 trend scene, so I had to try my hand at finding beautiful, fashionable neutral pieces at a thrift store – and on a dead line. Read More →

DIY: How To Turn a Maxi Dress into a Jumpsuit


Spring is finally here and there are several items in our closets that we just kind of don’t want anymore.  I have already paid Goodwill a visit and dropped off the most random box ever (clothes, picture frames, flags…. random).  There were some things that I kind of didn’t want anymore, but I kind of didn’t want to get rid of.  To this dilemma I say, “DIY!” Read More →

#HelloBeauty Whole Foods “Beauty Week” Products Review


Whole Foods Market recently hosted it’s inaugural Beauty Week (March 20-22, 2015), in which they highlighted their growing Whole Body section of skin care and beauty products.  My favorite part of the week was the #HelloBeauty bag filled with sample sizes of natural skin care and makeup products.   Read More →

Beginner’s Teacup Patio Garden


I have a garden, y’all!!  Now, despite the history of my family – my Papa and Daddy were/are avid farmers and lovers of tractors – I am in no way a grower of things.  I plan to change that, though.  I’ve tried my hand at not killing plants before, but I hope to approach this with a more positive outlook from the start this time.  I want to help these babies grow, and most importantly, I want to eat them.  I can’t do that if they wilt away and die.  Therefore, I am sharing the journey with you all!   Read More →

DIY Urban Outfitters Inspired Pillow

DIY Urban Outfitter Inspired PillowI am a lover of this here old world, so this Urban Outfitters cartography style pillow instantly caught my eye.  As with many things I love, I had to figure out how I could make it for myself.  I also wanted to personalize the look, so I crafted a DIY version that we all can create!   Read More →

Easy Cajun Tilapia and Shrimp Spinach Salad

tilapia and shrimp spinach salad

Tilapia, jumbo shrimp, spinach salad, and a vinaigrette.  What a mouth full!  Looks fancy, right?  This quick and easy tilapia and shrimp spinach salad recipe came in quite handy for a weekend luncheon with my neighbors.  The best part?  I got to watch and learn as my neighbor, Candice, showed me how to assemble this beautiful, filling meal.

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Cookie Lyon’s Style {Thrifted}

Cookie Lyons Style 3

If you are into prime time television, you have probably been drawn into the all new and record-breaking show, Empire, on FOX.  The leading lady of the show, Cookie Lyon, is the fiercest mama-jama of them all. Read More →

Three Year Blog-aversary!!!

Old World New Turns 3 Blog-aversary

My blog baby turns 3 today (12 February 2015)!!!  Three years ago on this day, I posted my first blog post, not knowing what was in store down the road because of it.  I sincerely love having the privilege to share my world right here, in my own way.  I love when you all comment because you can dig it, or because you see something old used in a new way.  There’s a lot of love in the blogging community, and I’m blessed to be a part of it.  In honor of this day I did a photoshoot, because I love my blog baby so.  This is the longest running job I’ve ever had, so it definitely deserves candles and cakes and a photoshoot.  And guess what?!  I’m doing a giveaway to share the Old World New LOVE with you!   Read More →