Cookie Lyon’s Style {Thrifted}

Cookie Lyons Style 3

If you are into prime time television, you have probably been drawn into the all new and record-breaking show, Empire, on FOX.  The leading lady of the show, Cookie Lyon, is the fiercest mama-jama of them all. Read More →

Three Year Blog-aversary!!!

Old World New Turns 3 Blog-aversary

My blog baby turns 3 today (12 February 2015)!!!  Three years ago on this day, I posted my first blog post, not knowing what was in store down the road because of it.  I sincerely love having the privilege to share my world right here, in my own way.  I love when you all comment because you can dig it, or because you see something old used in a new way.  There’s a lot of love in the blogging community, and I’m blessed to be a part of it.  In honor of this day I did a photoshoot, because I love my blog baby so.  This is the longest running job I’ve ever had, so it definitely deserves candles and cakes and a photoshoot.  And guess what?!  I’m doing a giveaway to share the Old World New LOVE with you!   Read More →

How to Slay in Indecisive Weather


You know that time of year in Texas (and other states with crazy weather) where it was winter last night, spring this morning, summer time this afternoon and heading into fall this evening?  Well, it is upon us, and my body can’t decide whether to shiver or to sweat.  Quite frankly, it’s confusing as heck – but you won’t ever catch me saying “No!” to 70 degree weather in the wee days of the new year.  I mean, didn’t the ground hog just say we’re getting more cold days?  I’ll take a little sunshine wherever I can get it.  I also plan for this “can’t make my mind up” weather and slay it with my style.  We can still have the power, ladies, shiver or sweat.  Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

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Thrift Haul January 2015

January 2015 Thrift Haul

Thrifting and eco-fashion are a way of life.  I am fascinated by both, and I honestly think if more people thrifted and purchased eco-friendly fashion pieces, we could save the world.   Read More →

Green-ish (Sustainable) Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him, Her & Kids

Green-ish (Sustainable) Gift Guide for

Valentine’s Day is all about the love – and we love buying things for everyone – for the love of our classmates, for the love of our boo, and for the love of that pink and red candy!  Well, what about for the love of the earth?!   Read More →

Bellacures’ All Natural Mani & Pedi

All Natural Mani & Pedi-4

If you learn nothing else from this here page on the internet, leave with the knowledge that “everything you do can be done sustainably.”  Prime example: I got my nails did  – (yea girl, got ‘em “did”) – in an All Natural Mani & Pedi from Bellacures – Preston Center in Dallas, TX.

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How To Thrift Your Family’s Closets

sequins 2

This highly decorative sequined jacket was “thrifted” from my aunt’s closet.

I love thrifting (Old World New – I like to make old things new again).  I believe it has the potential to save the world by helping to reduce the overproduction of not so good clothes, and thrifters also get to wear pieces that no one else has at the time.  Old things in general are awesome.  I go thrifting every time I visit my family and hometown because I don’t get to frequent the thrift shops there like I can in Dallas.  It really is a family event, even the kids look forward to it!  Over Christmas 2014, though, my Aunt told me I didn’t have to go thrifting because I could thrift her closet.  *Insert perfect jazz hands here* Thrifting your family’s closets!

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New Year Giveaway!

0 New Year

It’s 2015, y’all!  The Christmas season may be over, but the Lord says that it is better to give than it is to receive, so let us keep on giving!  I’ve partnered up with College is Love and others to give y’all a variety pack of goodies. Read More →

DIY Burlap Bow + Thrifted Christmas Decorations

DIY Burlap Bow-fcbkI been thrifting, I been thrifting!  *Beyoncé voice*  I found so many perfect decorations for my “rustic + gold Christmas” in my quest for an Alternative Christmas Tree (i.e. not spending money/resources on a live or manufactured tree & getting über creative with my take on it – let me be a rebel haha).  Check out this easy way to put together bows using fabric or a wide width ribbon.  I used burlap fabric cut at about 6″-8″ wide here. Read More →

(better than) Granny’s Chicken Dressing

Better than Granny's Dressing

Better than your Granny’s dressing?!  Ok, well maybe just the next best thing.  Holiday dinners with my family are built around what most consider to be just a side dish – dressing.  Chicken dressing is the glue that brings the ham together with the mac-n-cheese, the strong bond that makes the greens and turkey have true meaning.  This dressing recipe can stand up to Granny’s for sure, and it is easy enough to not scare anyone away from attempting to successfully recreate it.   I’ll hush now, let’s get cookin’!  Read More →